Shorelight Education


Shorelight Education provides international student recruitment for universities in the US. They recruit students in Russia, Europe, MENA, Latin America as well as postgraduate international students who are currently studying within the US.

Shorelight approached Clicteq in late 2018 with the brief of increasing the volume of applications across all territories for the panel of US-based universities that they represent. while reducing the cost per application.

Our Solution

  • We implemented the Clicteq machine learning technology stack to automate bidding while targeting a specific cost per lead, varied per region
  • We worked closely with the regional marketing managers in each territory to completely restructure their paid search campaigns into a single keyword ad group structure in several different languages and ensure that they are properly localised.
  • Strategised with the Shorelight team to find new untapped opportunities such as bidding on course names.
  • Rolled out UTM tracking across all campaigns to track lead quality in Marketo and Salesforce, allowing us to determine which leads converted into closed applications.

The results

What the client said

“Our partnership with Clicteq has brought our Google Ads campaigns to a new level. The audit and further campaign optimization significantly improved the account performance. The huge amount of work has been done within a relatively short period of time. We truly appreciate the level of dedication and focus that Clicteq’s team has shown. I would definitely recommend Clicteq as a partner to anyone who is looking for a reliable PPC agency.”