PPC Audit

If you are not hitting your performance targets with Google Adwords, or if your have more specific challenges like reducing your cost per conversion or wanting to scale your account, but are unclear on how to achieve your goals, PPC audits can help guide you through the next steps.

PPC audits provide specific advice tailored to your goals. and help highlight wasted spend and other optimizations that may have been overlooked.

The vast majority of accounts that we have consulted on could dramatically increase their return on investment immediately by implementing our changes.

How Our PPC Audits Work

Our PPC audits work in three stages. Firstly we meet with you face to face to understand your current challenges and goals for the future. 

We then perform our in-depth account audit and create a detailed written report that is tailored to help you overcome the challenges that you’re currently facing, which we will then present to you.

The audit will assess your performance and highlight areas for improvement such as campaign structure, bidding, attribution, Quality Score and much more. It will also provide recommendations on how you can improve your account to improve PPC performance.

Making sure that the audit suggestions are implemented correctly is key to get the full value out of our audit process. We, therefore, provide follow up strategy consulting sessions to help you get the suggestions implemented fully.

To inquire about our PPC audits please contact us