Hotel PPC

Are you a boutique hotel or hotel chain looking to partner with a reputable PPC management provider?

Having worked with several advertisers in the hotel and hostel sector we know what it takes to break through the noise and build incredibly successful PPC campaigns.

Why Choose Clicteq as your Hotel PPC partner

The truth is most PPC management companies use fairly similar methodology and optimisation procedures. But in such a competitive market as hotels being the same as everyone else is not going to make you stand out and move away from your competitors.

Here is why we are different and can generate you the maximum amount of profit with PPC:

  • We maximise profitability using weather based bidding. 

A study by Google showed that conversion rates increase by 9% when the weather is poor and they decease by 8% when the weather is warm. To ensure that you get maximum profitability we integrate Adwords with a weather API which allows you to increase bids and drive more traffic when the weather in is poor and conversion rates are high. We then do the opposite when the weather is hot, the software reduces bids so you don’t buy as much traffic when conversion rates are lower which increase overall profitability.

  • We can cut out wasted spend like no other agency.

By creating custom bidding platforms that adjust your bids based on the number of rooms available in your hotel we are able to deliver the right number of bookings. This ensures that your hotel is always busy but at the same time you are not over purchasing traffic that you can’t service because you are full and wasting ad spend.

  • We make sure that your bids are just right to ensure maximum profitability.

Our positional based intra day in house bid management software changes bids 24 times per day to ensure that you CPC bids are optimised to generate the maximum amount of profit.


And of course we do all of the standard PPC management work that other agencies offer such as keyword research, competitive research, ad copywriting, ad extensions, reporting and the list goes on.

If you would like to learn more about our hotel PPC services please download our brochure in the right hand sidebar. You can request our travel PPC case studies using the contact form here.

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