Clicteq Tech Stack

Where Adwords Scripts don’t cut it and there are no off the shelf solutions we’ve built our own tools on Google’s API to automate large scale repetitive tasks (and we’ve got several more tools in the pipeline). Don’t see a tool that will do what you want? Just like Adwords Scripts, we can help you create bespoke solutions around your need.

Keyword Expansion

We run an automatic keyword expansions into the exact match with cross negatives. Our tool takes converted search terms and turns them into new keywords and ads, giving us maximum control in terms of ad copy and bidding over the search terms that are driving your revenue.


Bespoke Solutions

If you’re managing large scale accounts where you’re finding that Adwords Scripts are timing out we can help you develop a bespoke API tool based around your requirements.

Hierarchical Campaign builder

Our hierarchical campaign builder tool allows you to create ads at scale from a template or feed. Allowing us to create large scale granular accounts for retail as well as travel and FMCG where there may be thousands of outlets or destinations that need to be built out.


Experiment Studios

Our experiment studios allow us to split test hundreds of thousands of ads with ease while ensuring a data led approach. The tools tracks ad test performance and notify us when they have reached statistical significance.