Higher Education in 2019: 3 Ways to Address Recruitment Risk through your PPC Campaigns

There is a student recruitment crisis facing the Higher Education sector in the UK.  In fact, 3 of the top 5 risk factors identified by PwC for 2019 involve recruitment (undergraduate, postgraduate, and international). Record amounts of marketing budgets are being spent by universities, creating a much more competitive market, alongside declining international reputations from[…]

How to Factor Refunds into your PPC Results

I wrote an article a few months ago about attribution, and how which model you choose can have a significant impact on which channels and campaigns you invest into.  If this isn’t done in a sensible way, if you attribute too strongly towards lower funnel channels for example, you risk strangling your pipeline and losing[…]

11 Advanced Google Shopping Feed Optimisation Strategies

One of the most overlooked areas of Google Shopping optimisation is improving the product feed itself. It is fundamentally important as Google uses the information within your product feed to determine within which searches your adverts will show. Apart from improving relevance, optimising your feed will allow you to better segment your products as the[…]