14 Essential Google Ads Scripts Every Account Should Use

No matter the size of the account or accounts you’re managing, your results (and as a result, life) will be made much better through using Google Ads scripts. When managing a Google Ads account, there are 3 functions you have to perform: bid management, reporting (including analysis), and strategy. Scripts will make you much more[…]

An Introduction to Google Ads Scripts

I genuinely believe that Google Ads scripts are the most powerful tool in a PPC Manager’s arsenal. With a few short lines of Javascript text you can automate almost any task within Google Ads. Moreover you can connect Google Ads to external data sources, allowing you to do all sorts of cool stuff, like bidding[…]

[Adwords Script] Adwords budget tracker

Keeping track of your budgets when you’re running several accounts within an MCC client or agency side can be difficult. We found checking client budgets daily tedious at Clicteq so as we did what we do with any repetitive tedious task, we automated it. The script works by tracking your spend on a daily basis against[…]

[Adwords Script] Bid Based on Forex Rates

In the travel sector, foreign exchange rates affect the cost of travel and therefore have an effect on the number of holidays that are booked. When the Pound is strong compared to the Euro, the cost of booking a holiday to Europe will decrease and sales will go up. This is a great opportunity for[…]