About Us

As Google has added more and more features, running a small 10,000 keyword account has become exponentially more difficult.

In 2013 there were 200k potential bidding combinations per day, fast forward to 2019 and there are over 38.8 billion.

We realised that advertisers needed a better solution to analyse this enormous amount of data and make intelligent bidding decisions based on it.

So In 2017 Wesley Parker founded Clicteq, a paid search agency, powered by automation.

Using a unique blend of automation through Google’s API and Scripts, natural language processing and machine learning we have created a model to analyse data at scale and make intelligent bidding decisions based on it.

But we haven’t stopped at bidding, we’ve built tools to automate everything from reporting to SQR expansion to competitor analysis, with a vision to automate over 90% of day to day management.


6 Key Differentiators


We reverse-engineered, starting from the client. Then we built the agency of the future; packed full of experts, enabled by technology.


Strong Foundations

Understanding your business and industry is fundamental to success.

We have an extensive on-boarding process: we sit in your office, we get to know your business and pair you with an account manager who knows your industry as well as you do. Stay constantly connected by phone, text, or email, and get a response within 90 minutes, guaranteed.*

Built Together

We get it. You don’t want a new account manager every few months.

Our team approach means you get access to a range of technical specialists who know your business inside out. If one leaves, there are several other specialists to take their place.

Consultative Approach

Steve Jobs said, “we don’t hire smart people and tell them what to do, we hire smart people to let them tell us what to do”.

That is exactly what Clicteq does with our consulting lead approach: your agency should be better at PPC than you; we should educate you, stretch you, and encourage you to take risks.


ClicRank Tech Stack

Proprietary technology powered by data to maximise your return.

And if we don’t have the tech you need, we can build it for you using Adwords scripts. Sound fair enough?

Experts, Not Interns

The top 10% – and we constantly test to maintain that standard.

We hire the best talent from the top universities, using one of the toughest interview processes in the industry (though we promise we are not too mean).

Pay if We Build

Agency and client goals perfectly aligned… finally.

We offer performance incentives paid directly to your PPC management team, incentivising them to work harder towards your goals.

The result.


We are growing fast… with two years of triple-digit growth

Clients in 6 key sectors and on 3 continents