14 Essential Google Ads Scripts Every Account Should Use

No matter the size of the account or accounts you’re managing, your results (and as a result, life) will be made much better through using Google Ads scripts.

When managing a Google Ads account, there are 3 functions you have to perform: bid management, reporting (including analysis), and strategy.

Scripts will make you much more efficient and effective at the first two, freeing up your time to think about how to take your activity to the next level.

You don’t need to understand anything about coding to use Google Ads scripts, as there are already so many great open-source options freely available online.

Understandably, it can be hard to know where to start with these.

My colleague Wes has compiled a comprehensive guide that you can download here: 162 Adwords Scripts To Supercharge Your Paid Search Performance.

As an introduction, I’ve summarised 15 tried and tested, core scripts to get started with, that are useful in any account.

Have any suggestions of scripts you’d like to see developed, or need any support in running tech in your account?

We launch one a week, so let us know in the comments below or fill in our contact sheet here.

Safety Tools

1) Budget tracker script

A good budget tracker is essential, and I’d definitely recommend this easy to use and interpret tool that we developed in-house.

It plots spend versus budget on a daily basis, with the added functionality of being able to pace spend at different rates throughout the month.

It also emails every time it runs to let you know what percentage of your budget has been spent so far.

We schedule ours to run daily, but if you are happy to be emailed once a week, you can schedule it for weekly instead.

Watch this space for an enhanced Budget Tracker that aggregates Google and Bing spend.

2) Account budget protector script

In the same vein, this Google Ads script allows you to pause your adverts when your account monthly budget limit is reached. To make this script work you must set the cutoff variable to the maximum amount that you want to spend that month.

This is great if you have strict budgets and know that you can subject to search volume fluctuations. Or, if you are launching new activity that could be unpredictable.

3) Empty ad group checker script

This Google Ads script is very helpful if you’ve made recent significant changes in your account – for example, a mass switchover of ads, or launch of new campaigns.

It will highlight any ad groups that are enabled but have no ads and/or keywords running in them, and will email you.

4) Anomaly checker script

This is an absolute must for any account.

Set the metric thresholds that you do not want your account, or selection of campaigns, to go above or below, and you’ll receive an email whenever that happens.

This script is a life-saver, from highlighting accidentally paused campaigns to unexpected peaks in spend.

5) CPA alert script

This script alerts you when your campaigns are over your CPA limit – so, similar to the anomaly checker but very helpful for directly reflecting dips in performance against KPIs.

6) Landing page scanner script

You can scan your landing pages with this script, designed to catch 404s, out of stock products, and any other undesirable messaging.

It’s great for any account as it can highlight quickly website errors that can go unnoticed and lead to either wasted spend, or ads being disapproved and an activity blackout.

You’ll receive an email with the bad URLs in it to quickly rectify.

Analysis Tools

7) Quality Score tracker script

This script, developed by Clicteq, allows you to create a dashboard showing your account level quality score over time (functionality that is not available via the interface).

It also shows how your account health has changed for each of the components that make up Quality Score, allowing you to focus your efforts on optimisations that can have the biggest impact.

8) Competitor reporting tool using Auction Insights data script

Fantastic for getting a snapshot of your top 5 competitors over time, this Google Ads script produces a neat graph for you, using whatever date range, campaigns etc. that you are interested in.

NB: it does show the top 5 for that entire period, so if you do look over a long time you risk losing insight into peaks of activity, or recent entrants.

9) Hour by hour trends heatmap script

This Script creates a very visual and easy to interpret heat map, demonstrating how performance in your account changes each hour of the day and day of the week.

It also shows you performance by device. A piece of analysis that would have taken at least an hour previously can now be done in a few minutes.

Bidding Tools

10) 24/7 bidding script

Building on number 9 above, you can use this script to effectively upload your heatmap on an input Google Sheet to implement appropriate bid modifiers.

Based It allows more frequent time and bid changes than the interface itself does – but crucially it’s also extremely quick and painless.

11) Device-level bid modifier calculator and bidder script

Made by Clicteq, this is a quick and easy way to calculate the appropriate device bid modifiers for your activity, and implement them.

Set your look-back window and your minimum number of conversions required before it makes changes based on that data, and away you go. Set to update monthly and you never need to do a manual device analysis again.

Management Tools

12) A/B split testing script

Running using labels, this Google Ads scripts allow you to alternate between variants each hour – meaning that over a 2 week period each variant should have been running at every combination of hour and day.

This ensures a fairer split of traffic than you can get from the interface’s Drafts and Experiments feature, and you can run it on anything you can label (most commonly campaigns and keywords).

The results are visible in the interface if you filter by label.

13) Inter-level label copier script

A handy management tool, this script allows you to copy labels between account levels – so from campaign level down to ad level. 

This ensures you can be super flexible with the taxonomy of your account, and you are able to optimise keywords within a certain category much more easily.

14) Creation date label maker script

This is a great Google Ads script. It allows you to see when a campaign, ad group, ad, or keyword was created by labelling it with the date.

It’s very useful for attributing results to account changes, as well as account spring cleaning or audits.

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