162 Adwords Scripts to Supercharge Your PPC Campaigns


// Updated as of 29th April 2019 with 42 new scripts

I think you will agree with me when I say:

Some PPC management tasks within Adwords can be incredibly BORING when you are doing the same tasks over and over.

Surely there must be an easier way:

Well it turns out you can automate these tasks and much more like bidding and reporting

In fact you can easily cut your optimisation time in half.

In todays post I’m going to be showing you 162 Adwords Scripts that will allow you to do just that and automate almost any process within Adwords.


1) Quality Score Tracker Script by Wesley Parker. This is one of my favorite Google Ads scripts that allows you to create a dashboard showing your account level quality score. This Adwords Scripts will enter your account level quality score into a spreadsheet and graph it so that you can see your Account level Quality Score historically.

2) Analyse Quality Score In Detail by PPC Hero. This is a really cool Adwords script that allows you to analyse Quality Score by breaking down its individual components, landing page experience, expected CTR and ad relevance to show you where you need to improve. Here are some of the charts that the script creates that show the proportion of keywords in each of the three states (below average, average and above average).


3) Store account level, campaign level and ad group level Quality Scores by Free Adwords Scripts. This Adwords Scripts allows you to do a similar function to the one that was written by PPC Epiphany, allowing you to store campaign level and ad group level historical Quality Scores as well as account level quality scores. If you have an account full of single keyword ad groups this effectively allows you to historically map the quality score of your keywords.

4) Performance by position report by Wesley Parker. This script allows you to see how your ads perform within different positions in Google Ads allowing you to determine the most profitable position for you.

5) Low Quality Score Keywords report by Daniel Gilbert. This script allows you to set a Quality Score threshold, and the script will email you where the keywords with a score equal or lower to that value are, so you can immediately address the problem.

6) Ad performance report by Google Developers. This Adwords Scripts pulls a report for the CTR statistics of your headline and your adverts display URL along with the number of instances that each headline and destination URL are found within your account. This code can also be easily converted to pull this data for the description lines 1 and 2 to see which ones are most effective.


7) Keyword performance report based on position by Google Developers. This Adwords Script allows you to see the performance of your keywords based on position. You can see data such as impressions, clicks, CTR, cost and conversion rate like you would within the Adwords interface.


8) Declining Ad groups report by Google Developers. This Adwords script compares the performance of your ad groups over multiple data ranges to highlight ad groups whose performance is worsening. This then creates a report in Google Sheets that looks something like this with the performance of the ad group.


9) Mobile page speed report by Google Developers. The loading speed of your website, particularly that of mobile devices is a factor within the Quality Score algorithm so it is important to ensure that your web pages load quickly. Daniel Gilbert found that when they were testing the different factors within landing page experience that improving the landing page load speed made the largest impact.


10) Adwords account summary report by Google Developers. Account summary report is an at-a-glance report showing the performance of an entire AdWords account. Additionally, it sends an HTML-formatted daily email with current account statistics. An account manager could use a similar technique to email professionally-formatted reports directly to clients.


11) Search Query report by Adwords Developers. This Adwords script allows you to generate a report of new possible negative keywords from your search query report, The report can be setup to find search queries using a certain criteria, for example search queries with CTR lower than 1% that will be added to the report so that you can add them as a negative keyword.

12) Advanced Keyword Analyser (match type, string length and n-gram) by Wesley Parker. This Adwords script allows you to analyse your keywords by match type, keywords string length and also look how they perform within n-grams.

13) N-gram search query report by Brainlabs. This is another of my favourite Adwords Scripts because it allows you to undertake very detailed examination of your search term reports. It allows you to see the performance of certain terms within your SQR. So for example you will be able to see the aggregate performance of all of the search queries containing the word “the” for instance.

14) Find the best text for new ads using an n-gram analysis By Frederick Valleys. This script analyzes the performance of commonly found word sequences to deliver additional insights about historical ad performance.

15) Automatically Put Pivoted AdWords Data in a Spreadsheet By Frederick Valleys. This Adwords Script exports reports from Adwords into Google Sheets and allows you to automatically pivot table the data to allow you to more easily gleam insights.

16) Kratu Report by Adwords Developers. This report allows you to see the performance of your clients Adwords accounts based on a number of different factors such as CTR, conversion rate, costs etc and is best suited for agency use. The report is displayed in the form of a heat map making it easy to visualise.


17) Hour by hour Trends Heatmap by Brainlabs This Adwords Script allows you to see how your Adwords performance changes hour by hour in the form of a heat map so that it is easy to visualise. This script has also been updated so that you can see the performance of each device (mobile, desktop and tablet) hour by hour.


18) Device level heatmap report by Daniel Gilbert. This is an advanced version of the script above that allows you to see performance of your account hour by hour and day by day. It however now has the functionality to segment your reports by device giving you greater insight.

19) Competitor report using Auction Insights by Brainlabs. This Adwords script as the name would suggest allows you to track your top 5 competitors over time using the auction insights function within Adwords. The report that this script generates looks something like this.


20) Account dashboard by Label by Frederick Vallaeys. I am a big fan of using labels for reporting which is why I really like this Adwords script. There are several ways you can use this script, you can view year on year performance to see if you are improving, create new graphs for metrics such as revenue per impression which you can’t see in Adwords.


21) Adjective analysis: Analyse your Adwords Search Queries by Daniel Gilbert. This AdWords script that can help you to determine which adjectives are your highest performers by analysing the performance of your search queries

22) Word association, n-gram analysers script by Daniel Gilbert. The script automatically analyzes account data to produce a report of all the phrases that are associated with your chosen terms. So, let’s say you choose “suitcase,” the report will show you all the fun ways people end up searching for that term, including all your favorite AdWords metrics.

23) Performance by match type and keyword length by Frederick Vallaeys. This is a paid script created by Optmyzr that allows you to see the performance of your adverts based on its match type. This is a very useful thing for identifying broad match problems and also for comparing the performance of keywords based on their length to see if broad match is effective for your account.

24) Automate monthly presentation making by Frederick Vallaeys. Automating the making of your monthly presentation deck with this Adwords Script that copies data from Google Ads to a Google Slides presentation.

25) Automate monthly spreadsheet reporting with this script by Frederick Vallaeys. This script allows you to create a reporting template within Google Sheets and automatically populate it with data to save you time in your monthly and weekly reports.

26) Track performance of close variant match types by Frederick Vallaeys. This Adwords Script delivers a detailed report on the impact of Google’s inclusion of “same meaning” queries in exact match close variants.

27) Enhanced ad template report by Wesley Parker. This script allows you to see the performance of each element of your ad copy so you can construct ads using the highest performing headlines, description lines and display URLS.


28) Lin-Rodnitzky Ratio Report by Frederick Valleys. This Adwords script allows you to calculate your Lin-Rodnizky ratio for your account which will give you and indicator of how well your keywords and search queries are being managed.

29) Basic campaign and keyword reporting by FreeAdwordsScripts. This Adwords script creates 5 reports: Campaign Performance Summary for the Past 7 Days, Campaign Performance Month to Date, Campaign Performance for Last Month, Keyword Performance Summary for the Past 7 Days, Daily Keyword Performance for the Past 7 Days.

30) Automated Adwords Auditing Script by Russell Savage. This Adwords script is based on the Adwords audit checklist that was published by Wordstream. The script runs through your Adwords account and performs several checks to ensure that the basics are all in place and then compiles a report.

31) Automated Adwords Grants Auditing Script by Frederick Valleys. This script alerts you about certain potential Ad Grants problems by looking at a mix of account structure requirements and account performance.

32) Quality Score Vs CTR analyser by Derek Martin. This Adwords script allows you to see the correlation between the distribution in  CTR & Conversions against Quality Score, which can then be used in your strategy going forwards when looking to improve your Quality Score.

33) Empty ad group checker by Daniel Gilbert This Adwords script allows you to scan your Adwords campaigns for ad groups that don’t contain any adverts or keywords. It also runs through and checks that there are not too many keywords or two few adverts and if there are any broad match keywords with no negative keywords to keep them in check.


34) Track your Adwords spend every hour of the day by Daniel Gilbert. The PPC world is always changing and there can be peaks and troughs. This Adwords script will email you hourly with the current account spend so that you can quickly spot if there are any sudden changes so that you can act quickly to fix them.

35) How fast does your Adwords data update report by Daniel Gilbert. If you are using automated tools that work based on recent data then it is important to work out how recent the data within your Adwords account actually is. In the interface Google suggests that it may take up  to 3 hours for your data to be updated however in most cases it will be much quicker than this and this script will allow you to calculate the time it takes for your data to update.

36) Vallaeys Shopping Efficiently Score by Frederick Vallaeys. This Adwords script checks the efficiency of how your Adwords accounts are structured and how their bids are managed. It will also suggest how your shopping campings can be improved.

37) Date range comparison script by Frederick Vallaeys. This Adwords Script downloads reports including account data, campaign data, ad group data, keyword data and ad text data for the two time periods you specify and then combines them into a single Google Spreadsheet that shows the percent change for each item.

38) Report Adwords statistics to a spreadsheet hourly by Frederick Vallaeys. This Adwords script allows you to write your stats for campaigns, ad groups and keywords you choose to a spreadsheet once per hour. You can use this hourly data to make sure things are running as expected and show that spend always picks up later in the day.


39) Export reports into Bigquery by Google Developers. This Adwords script allows you to Load your AdWords reports into BigQuery to perform powerful Big Data analytics. BigQuery is Google’s fully managed, NoOps, low cost analytics database.

40) MCC Performance dashboard by Frederick Vallaeys. This Adwords script allows you to create a dashboard for all of your clients within your MMC account. It allows you to see changes in performance by comparing the performance of the account for a given period to the previous period.


41) Track expanded text ads performance script by Karooya. This Adwords script allows you to easily track the performance of expanded text ads compared to standard ads. When you run this script it will provide data in a spreadsheet to compare key metrics and also graph expanded text ad v standard text ad performance.

42) Track Adwords Script Runs with Google Analytics by Russell Savage. This Adwords script allows you to track using Google Analytics how many times your Adwords scripts have been run throughout the day.

43) Store Keyword Performance Report In Amazon S3 by Russell Savage. This Adwords script is useful for users managing several accounts and allows you to create and store reports from multiple accounts in the same place.


44) Store Account Performance Report in a Google Doc by Russell Savage. This Adwords script allows you to store your Adwords account performance report within Google Docs. The script will then create the column headers within the Google Sheets document and then write your Adwords performance in every time the script runs.


45) A script that makes exact match well exact by Daniel Gilbert. This Adwords script effectively allows you to reverse Googles update that included misspellings a close variants in exact match. This script looks at the search queries produced by your exact match keywords and adds any that are not the exactly the same as the keywords as negative keywords to effectively make exact match well exact.

46) Flag non single keyword ad groups by Wesley Parker. This script allows you to flag all of your ad groups that contain more than 1 keyword ensuring that you keep to a single keyword ad group structure.

47) Save your grant account from suspension with this script By Daniel Gilbert. This Adwords script is designed to help you identify negative phrases to improve CTR and QS for grant accounts at risk of suspension.

48) A/B split testing script that allows you to test anything by Daniel Gilbert. This Adwords script allows you to test Adwords campaign settings that you are unable to do using Google experiments. You create two campings that are identical and then name one control and one test and the script will alternate between the two campings hourly. You can then see the results of the test in the dimensions tab.


49) Rotate ad copy to A/B test script by Daniel Gilbert. This script identifies the best ad in the experiment and shows you how much better your account would be doing if you paused the losing ads.

50) Keywords are back for Google Shopping campaigns by Daniel Gilbert. This script allows advertisers to specify the keywords that they want their Google Shopping ads to appear for using a spreadsheet. The script then looks at the search query data for your Google shopping campings and if the keyword is not listed within the spreadsheet it will be added as a negative keyword.

51) executeInParallel on More than 50 Accounts Using Labels by Frederick Vallaeys. This Adwords Script allows you to overcome the limitation for people running MCC level scripts of 50 accounts, allowing you to run scripts across 1200 different accounts per day.

52) See if the same search queries are appearing in multiple ad groups by Daniel Gilbert. This Adwords Script allows you to keep on top of your search queries and determine if they are appearing in multiple ad groups. Ensuing that if you bid down in one ad group that they don’t pop up in another ad groups and continue to waste money.

53) Fill empty ad groups with ads by Daniel Gilbert. This Adwords Script allows you to find empty ad groups with a generic ad copy. This is only a temporary fix to ensure that you’re not missing out on valuable traffic and will be labeled so that you can go back to it and make it more relevant.

54) Expanded phrase match negatives: A script for misspellings by Daniel Gilbert. Here is a script that will boost your phrase negative keyword matching by finding the ones you’re failing to catch due to misspellings.

55) Pause duplicate broad keywords by Daniel Gilbert. This Adwords script allows advertisers to pause duplicate broad match keywords automatically. So for example if you have the broad match keywords “red nike shoes”, “nike red shoes” and “nike shoes red” then it would pause two of them so that there is only one running.

56) Pause duplicate ad copies by Daniel Gilbert. This Adwords Script allows you to find duplicate ad copies within your account. It then labels the best performing ad copy with a label to keep it and then the poorest performing duplicate with a label to pause it.

57) Landing page scanner by Daniel Gilbert. This Adwords script allows you to scan your landing pages for errors such as 404s, out of stock products, search pages with no results and old pages that are archived. The script will then email you with a report of all of the bad URLs.

58) Common mistakes Adwords audit tool by Daniel Gilbert. This Adwords script allows you to check your work by scanning your Adwords accounts for some of the most common mistakes such as excessive use of broad match and some common english misspellings and typos.

59) Rotating ad copy, missing traffic calculator by Daniel Gilbert. Any good PPC manager will always be testing new ads but a lot don’t correctly track when their split test has finished. This Adwords script allows you to see how much more traffic and conversions you could potentially get by pausing the losing ad copy and going with the winner.

60) Apply shared negative keyword lists everywhere by Daniel Gilbert. If you have a reasonably large PPC account that has over 500 campaigns it can be very difficult to see if all of your shared negative keyword lists have been applied to all of your campaigns and this is the limit that the Adwords interface will show. This script allows you to bypass the interface and apply shared negative keywords lists everywhere automatically.

61) Check if you’ve screwed up your Adwords accounts V2 by Daniel Gilbert. This Adwords script scans your accounts to identify some of the most common issues, including misspellings and outdated seasonal ads.

62) Copy labels between all levels by Daniel Gilbert. This Adwords script allows you to keep things organised by allowing you to copy labels between levels from campaign level down to ad level.

63) Copy audiences to all of your campaigns by Daniel Gilbert. This Adwords script allows you to alleviate the potential human error when creating new campaigns by automatically copying audiences across all of your campaigns.

64) Stop your ads from showing alongside offensive content online by Frederick Vallaeys. With all of the issues with brand safety relating to programmatic and display advertising this script allows you to keep your brand safe by stopping your ads appearing alongside offensive content.

65) Copy Adwords extensions to all of your campaigns by Daniel Gilbert. It can be a pain making sure that all of your campings have the right Adwords extensions when you are managing large accounts, however this script makes your life a lot easier by automatically applying them to all of your campaigns.

66) Dynamic ad extensions by Daniel Gilbert. Although Google allows you to dynamically insert text into Ads using Adwords Scripts it does not allow you to change sitelinks and callouts in the same way. This Script allows you to dynamically change the text within your sitelink and callout extensions using a spreadsheet as shown below.


67) Expanded text ads converter script by Frederick Vallaeys. This Adwords script allows you to update your old format Adwords ads to the new expanded text ads version by pulling the organic page description from your website and using it to create the longer 80 character description.

68) Mirror labels between keywords and adverts by Daniel Gilbert. This Adwords Script solves labeling issues by copying labels within an ad group from ads to keywords or vice versa.

69) Pause keywords with low Quality Scores by Frederick Vallaeys. This Adwords script allows you to create a list of keywords that have quality scores below a certain threshold. You can then create a strategy to improve their Quality Scores or pause them. The script will go through your account and pause any keywords with very low Quality Scores.

70) Create ads from a spreadsheet by Frederick Vallaeys. This AdWords script automatically creates ad groups, ad texts, keywords and labels based on your template and a spreadsheet of your data. Some good applications would be to create ads based on your product inventory or could simply be used as an alternative to creating ads in the Adwords editor or the interface.

71) Delete underperforming Adwords ads by Frederick Vallaeys. This Adwords script help you reduce your ad groups down to the two best performing adverts before doing any new ad variation testing. It can also be used to go through a new account that you have just started to manage to pause underperforming ads.

72) Pause overspending locations by Frederick Vallaeys. This script looks at location data for a campaign and lets you disable specific granular locations when they exceed a certain level of spend for the month.

73) Automatically Exclude Placements With a Particular Domain by Frederick Vallaeys. This script auto excludes certain placements that contain a certain string. For example if you wanted to exclude all organisational domains you could set it to exclude all placements with .org in the placement.

74) Account auditor by Google Developers. The account auditor Adwords script can help in verifying the structure of your campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords. You define your intended structure using flexible “rules” in a spreadsheet, and the script analyses your account and reports any entities that failed to satisfy your rules on a separate tab of the spreadsheet.

75) Ad customiser script by Google Developers. This Adwords script allows you to dynamically change the text within your ads using a data source such as Google Sheets. An example use of this script would be to display the price and number of products in stock within the copy of your advert.

76) Automatic placement exclusion by Google Developers. Sometimes there are videos which have a different target audience than your ads, but you might not know that until you start accruing stats. Once you see that a specific placement just isn’t performing the way you want, you can eliminate it from your targeting.

77) Bulk Shopping ad group creator by Google Developers. This Adwords script allows you to bulk create ad groups and product groups in existing Shopping Campaigns. It reads ad group settings (such as default bid and status) and product group hierarchies along with bids from a spreadsheet, and creates them in AdWords.

78) Keyword labeller script by Google Developers. This tool allows you to automatically apply labels to keywords that meet a specific criteria. Once the labels are applied, you can then easily filter the keywords in the AdWords UI and apply your desired changes, or you can make changes to the keywords using another script.

79) Master negative keyword list tool by Google Developers. This Adwords script allows you to simplify the management of negative keyword lists using a spreadsheet. It allows you to ensure that you negative keywords lists are synced when you are dealing with large scale accounts.

80) Sales countdown timer by Google Developers. This Adwords script calculates how many days and hours remain until the target date, then finds the specific ad group set up for this promotion, and updates the ad parameters of all keywords in this ad group with the results of the calculation.


81) Sales countdown calendar by Google Developers. This Adwords script is very similar to the sales countdown timer shown above. The sales countdown calendar extends the countdown timer concept to multiple events by integrating a calendar to the script.

82) Inventory ad management script by Google Developers. This Adwords script allows you to monitor your stock levels and pause / enable ads when they come in and out of stock, saving you time and reducing wasted spend by not displaying adverts for products that are not currently in stock.

83) Negative keyword conflict checker by Google Developers. This script checks for Negative keyword conflicts checks where negative keywords in an account block keywords from showing. The script finds and saves all such conflicts to a spreadsheet and distributes an alert over email. The recipients can then take appropriate action, such as deleting the negative keywords causing the conflicts.

84) ETA transition helper script by Google Developers. This Adwords script allows advertisers to more smoothly transition between the standard text ad format and Google’s new extended text ad format. It copies your standard text ads to a spreadsheet and then helps you write expanded text ads based on them.

85) Large manager hierarchy template by Google Developers. This Adwords script allows you to overcome the problem of running scripts across more than 50 accounts in a MMC at a time. This script process as different subset at a time and storing the intermediate results to a Google Drive so that subsequent executions know which accounts are left to be processed.

86) Spell check your adverts by Russell Savage. This Adwords Script allows you to put an end to spelling errors with your adverts. This script calls the Microsoft API to use the spell check function out of Microsoft Word to check for spelling errors within your adverts.

87) See CPC ranges for each keyword by Frederick Vallaeys. This Adwords script generates a spreadsheet of your base bids with the actual min and max possible values based on your various bid modifiers.

88) Pull keyword information from landing pages by Russell Savage. This Adwords script allows you to use IBM Watson’s website analyser to generate keyword information from landing pages. This is very similar to what the Google Keyword planner does however will give you more landing page specific keywords.

89) Machine learning for Adwords by Russell Savage. This Adwords Script allows you to model and predict the impact of things. For example if the wind speed outside is 10 miles per hour then this script allow you to predict the CPC bid so that you can calculate the correct bid modifiers.

90) Generate keywords suggestions from Amazon by Derek Martin. This Adwords script works by pulling data from Amazon’s auto suggest to generate new keyword opportunities. The results can then be exported and if you wish you can add them as new keywords within your Adwords campaigns.

91) Ad copy tester by Sean Dolan. This Adwords script compares the data from two groups of adverts to see if there is a statistically significant change in CTR between them. The script ensures that the ads have at least 1000 impressions so that there is a sufficient sample size.

92) Copy existing AdWords Ads with A new destination URL by Derek Martin. This Adwords script speeds up the split testing process by copying ads with a new destination URL. This allows you to change over your split tests much more quickly.

93) Perform search query analysis with Google Sheets by Derek Martin. This Adwords script allows you to analyse your search query reports using Google Sheets and make changes without having to download your SQR into Excel and then upload changes via the Adwords Editor.

94) Find underperforming placements & opportunities On Google Display Network by Derek Martin. This Adwords script analysis the performance of your placements on the Google display network and notifies you of them so that you can go in and exclude them.

95) Making sure the date/time Zone is Correct by Rankhammer. This Adwords script allows you to ensure that your scripts are running based on the time zone that your account is set to, not the time zone in the data centre that your script is running off. This is very useful if you are going to be pausing your ads at a certain time but the timezone of the data centre is not the same as in your account.

96) Keyword suggestion tool using Google Autocomplete by Derek Martin. This Adwords script allows you to generate keyword suggestions based on data from Google autocomplete. You can download the suggestions and add the relevant ones to your Adwords account.

97) AdWords Script to identify duplicate keywords, Including close variants by Karooya. This tool allows you to identify duplicate keywords in all match types including close variants using a process called stemming. This will help you clean up your account after Google removed close match variants in 2014.

98) Pull Salesforce data into your Adwords campaigns by Russell Savage. This Adwords script integrates with the Salesforce API to  query data and objects from your Salesforce instance and use it in your Adwords campaigns.

99) Connect Zoho CRM data with AdWords using scripts by Russell Savage. This Adwords script is very similar to the one above that allows you to import data from Salesforce into Adwords. It has the ability to pull leads, contacts and potentials, and any other object data from Zoho into your Adwords campaigns.

100) Save a File or Spreadsheet in a Specific Folder of GDrive by Russell Savage. This Adwords script allows you to save information from Adwords into a specific folder in Google drive. It can be used as an addition to other scripts that integrate Adwords with the Google sheets API.

101) Automated creative testing with statistical significance by Russell Savage. This is one of my favourite Adwords Scripts as it allows you to create ad tests and monitor for statistical significance at scale. The script labels your ads when the test is complete and also emails you with the details of the test so you can go in and make changes.


102) Disable Ads and Keywords For Out of Stock Items by Russell Savage. One of the easiest ways to waste money on Google Adwords is to run ads for products that are no longer in stock. This script scans your landing pages for the words “out of stock” or similar and if it finds this it will pause the ads with a URL pointing to that page.


103) Use GDrive To load A single AdWords script Into Multiple Accounts by Russell Savage. If you use a lot of the same Adwords scripts in all of the accounts that you manage it can be time consuming getting each one setup. This script allows you to use Google Drive to automate this process and copy scripts into multiple accounts automatically.

104) Figuring out when your ad, adgroup, keyword, or campaign was Created By Russell Savage. This is another of my favourite Adwords scripts as it allows you to see when you have created a new campaign, ad group or keyword, which makes it easier when your are trying to work out what has caused a change within your account.


105) Put AdWords data to Amazon S3 using scripts by Russell Savage. When you are pulling a huge amount of data into Google sheets things can become a bit unwieldy. This script allows you to pull data into Amazon S3 instead where you can manipulate it in Excel or in a database instead.

106) Manage your match types with this structure checker script by Daniel Gilbert. If you run parallel campaigns with different match types, this script will help you automate your organisation to ensure nothing slips through unnoticed.

107) Put current crime statistics in your creatives by Russell Savage. This Adwords script interacts with the API of several different crime reporting data sets to allow you to display crime statistics for a certain area with your adverts.

108) Pause or enable campaigns, keywords or ads on a specific date by Russell Savage. This Adwords script allows you, as the name suggests, to pause or enable sets of keywords or ads on a specific date. This can be very useful if you are running a sale and a promotion is going to end on a certain date.

109) Automate Your Ads Based on Your Baseball Team’s Schedule by Russell Savage. This tool allows you to automate pausing and enabling your ads based on whether your team is at home or away. However could be adapted to make these changes based on an schedule such as a sale.

110) Merge Multiple Campaigns Together by Russell Savage. This tool was originally designed to help you merge campaigns together when Adwords rolled our enhanced campaigns. However it is still useful today should you wish to merge two campaigns within your account together.

111) Manage Ads Based on Airport Delays by Russell Savage. This Adwords script allows you to enable and pause Adwords ads based on airport delays. This would be useful for any business that is near an airport that may benefit from delays such as restaurants, bars, or hotels.screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-01-39-43

112) Fixing Capitalization Errors in Your Ads by Russell Savage. This is another Adwords script that I really like that Russell has created. It allows you to fix the common capitalisation errors that plague a lot of accounts, which can be very time consuming to fix automatically.

113) Auto Add ValueTrack Params To All Destination URLs by Russell Savage. This Adwords script will help make sure all of your keywords are tagged with the appropriate ValueTrack parameters.  You can use this to ensure that all of your tracking params are added correctly to your urls.

114) Automating Maintenance Tasks With AdWords Scripting Part 1 By Russell Savage. This is the first instalment in the automating Adwords tasks using Adwords Scripts. It follows the monthly optimisation routes as set out in Adwords for Dummies the book.

115) Automating Maintenance Tasks with AdWords Scripting Part 2 by Russell Savage. This is the second Adwords script in Russell’s automating maintenance tasks with Adwords Scripts and Increase bids on cheap conversion keywords.

116) Stop your ads from overspending Adwords Script by Daniel Gilbert. Stop Google from spending twice your daily budget using this script which will help you keep your budget under control.

117) Update Ads for the New Year by Russell Savage. Every year you always see one advertiser that has the last years dates within their Adverts. Don’t be that person, this script allows you to automatically update the years displayed within your ads from 2016 to 2017.

118) Update Your Keywords for the Holiday Season by Russell Savage. This Adwords script has a similar function to the update ads from the new year script above. However instead of updating the ad copy it updates the keywords from 2016 to 2017 automatically.

119) Automatically Pause Ads with Low CTR by Russell Savage. Most advertisers create at least 2 ads per ad group to split test them, however they rarely remove the lowest performing advert. Using this script, you can find the worst performing ads in all your adgroups and pause it (if there is at least one other ad in the adgroup).

120) Delete All Disapproved Ads in an Account by Russell Savage. This script focuses on account maintenance. Over time, large accounts might build up thousands of adgroups with ads that might be disapproved. Sometimes, it makes sense to remove those and then slowly build and deploy new creative

121) Pause AdGroups With No Active Keywords By Russell Savage. This script can be useful in helping you identify ad groups that contain no active keywords and pause them to maintain your account more effectively.

122) Set AdParams at the AdGroup Level from a Google Spreadsheet by Russell Savage. This script allows you to set your ad parameters at ad group level. Simply and load it with the adgroup name, param 1 value, and param 2 value in columns A, B, and C respectively (with column headers) and you are ready to go.


123) 24 Bidding script by Daniel Gilbert. This Adwords Script allows you to change the bids within your account 24 times per day. Google only allow for 6 bidding windows per day, however this script provides a work around by setting a new set every hour based on specified bid modifiers within Google sheets.


124) Bid to postion script by Daniel Gilbert. This Adwords script allows you to increase or decrease your bids automatically towards a specific position. This script works using the data for the day so far which makes is much more dynamic than Googles own bid to position script.

125) Bid based on Forex Rates by Wesley Parker. This script was built for the travel sector and allows you to bid based on the forex rates between two currencies. When the exchange rate is strong the cost of a holiday increases and you may want to test increasing your bids.

126) Automatically apply bid modifier by Daniel Gilbert. This script will automatically go through your account and set the correct bid modifiers for devices, locations, in market audiences and remarketing lists. Allowing you to almost fully automate modifier bidding.

127) How to stop underspending your free ad grant budget with a script By Daniel Gilbert. This script emulates standard delivery but allows you to turn certain keywords on or off depending on whether you’re on track to hit your budget.

128) Manage bids based on keyword match type by Frederick Vallaeys. This Adwords Script allows you to use stacked bidding at scale and manage how you bid at keyword level based on match type.

129) Advanced budgets pause when things spend too much by Frederick Vallaeys. This Adwords script allows you to set budgets for campings, ad groups, ad copy for weekly, daily or monthly periods. You will get e notifications via email when changes are made or when an account exceeds a total cost for the period.

130) Calculate and set mobile bid modifiers automatically by Frederick Vallaeys and Russell Savage. This Adwords script allows you to calculate and set mobile bid modifiers automatically. You have a choice of two different metrics to base the bidding decisions on, either revenue per click (RPC) or return on ads spend (ROAS).

131) Calculate and set device level bid modifiers automatically by Wesley Parker. This Adwords Script allows you to set and calculate device level bid modifiers. Allowing you to fully automate device level bidding.

132) Automate calculating and setting location bid modifiers by Wesley Parker. This Adwords Script allows you to set and calculate location level bid modifiers. Allowing you to fully automate location level bidding.

133) Automate Audience bidding in Adwords by Wesley Parker. This Adwords Script allows you to set and calculate audience level bid modifiers whether they be RLSA, a custom audience, or a ‘similar to’ audience. Allowing you to fully automate audience level bidding in conjunctions with Dan Gilbert in-market script.

134) Bid testing script by Google Developers. This Adwords Script allows you to work on what level of bidding works best to achieve your goals. This script allows you to systematically adjust your bids so that you can find the sweet spot for your keyword bids.

135) Multi bidder Script by Google Developers. Multi Bidder offers functionality similar to that of Automated Rules based on a spreadsheet. Each row in a spreadsheet is in effect equivalent to an entire Automated Rule. Managing 100 rules—a difficult task in AdWords—becomes a lot easier.

136) TV schedule bid coordination Script By Google Developers. This Adwords script works by creating a spreadsheet with the times and dates of your TV adverts and the bid adjustment that you want to use. The script runs hourly to change the bid modifiers and can be updated at any time.

137) Weather based bidding script by Google Developers. A lot of industries are heavily effected by the weather, for example we have found that a lot more people search for boilers when the weather is cold. This script allows you to pull data from a weather API and then increase bids or decrease them based on the weather.

138) Flexible budget tool by Google Developers. This Adwords script allows you to set a budget for different marketing initiatives. For example if you wanted to spend £5000 on your spring sale, this script will dynamically adjust your campaign budget daily with a custom budget distribution scheme. That means, for example, you could tell Adwords to spend the bulk of your budget within the last 5 days where conversion rates will be highest.

139) Recurring monthly budget for Adwords by Frederick Vallaeys. This Adwords script allows you to set monthly budgets in Adwords for advertisers that spend the same amount every month. It allows you to distribute your budget to the highest performing days of the month to maximise performance.


140) Pause account when monthly budget reached by Sean Dolan. This Adwords script allows you to pause your adverts when your account monthly budget limit is reached. To make this script work you must set the cut off variable to the maximum amount that you want to spend that month on Adwords.

141) Automate your in-market audience bidding by Daniel Gilbert. This script automatically applies bid modifiers to in-market audiences based on their performance.

142) Stop running out of budget with this Google Ads script by Daniel Gilbert. This script takes preventative measures when you’re on a limited budget to avoid letting Google spend more of your daily budget than you want.

143) Monthly budget prediction by Sean Dolan. This tool allows you to use the PPC Hero monthly projection tool to email yourself or your client a projected PPC spend for the month.

144) Change bids in Adwords based on stock market quotes by Russell Savage. This Adwords script used data from the Yahoo finance API and pulls it through into a Google sheet. From here you can use stock market data to make changes to bids in your Adwords campaigns.

145) Update your bids from a Google Spreadsheet by Russell Savage. When managing large scale Adwords accounts changing bids from a spreadsheet can be a lifesaver. This script integrates with the Google Sheets API allows you to change bids from a spreadsheet.

146) Unique Bidding Rules For Each Campaign by Russell Savage. This Adwords script is designed to help you manage biding rules across a series of accounts. It allows you to automatically adjust the bids for each campaign based on a set of rules.

147) Update Ad Params from Google Spreadsheet by Russell Savage. This cool tool allows you to change the parameters within your advert based on values within a Google Spreadsheet. This could be used for a huge range of applications such as displaying how many places are left on course within your ads to simply displaying the price of a product.

Alerts and Stop buttons.

148) Emergency Stop Button For Adwords by Frederick Vallaeys. This Adwords script allows you to pause your account if there is an issue with your website. I hope nobody needs this script but it’s a good one to have at the ready in case a site issue happens, especially during the holidays when CPCs can skyrocket.

149) Advanced anomaly detection script by Frederick Vallaeys. This version of the anomaly detector is an adaptation of the Google anomaly detector. It has, however it has been adapted for MCC accounts making it perfect for agencies or advertisers managing adverts across several accounts.

150) Landing page watchdog by Frederick Vallaeys. This Adwords script creates a report of all of the landing pages that can’t load or have 404 errors. It then generates a spreadsheet with a list of all the potentially broken landing page URLs used by ads or keywords in your account and allows you to optionally delete or pause any of these items.


151) Granular Account analogy Detector by Frederick Vallaeys. This Adwords script allows for very granular identification of the areas of your account that are producing anomalies, unlike some of the other Adwords anomaly detector scripts.

152) Be alerted of disapproved ad by text message by Derek Martin. This Adwords script alerts you by text message of any disapproved adverts. you can then either go into your Adwords account immediately to fix them or call Google to try and get them approved.

153) Get alerted when keywords or product groups spend too much by Frederick Vallaeys. This is a simple script that queries for keywords or product groups that have exceeded a specific amount of cost, and have fewer than a specified number of conversions to show for that cost.

154) Campaign over CPA target alert by Sean Dolan. This Adwords script alerts you when your campaigns are over your CPA limit. This will be useful if you have very strict CPA goals that you need to keep to.

155) Find anomalies in your campaign spending by Daniel Gilbert. This Adwords Script lets you check for overspending or underspending in your Google Ads account by finding changes in spending.

156) Budget tracker Script by Wesley Parker. The budget tracker script allows you to track your budget towards a specific target. It also sends you email warnings daily to see what percentage of your budget you have spent.

157) Zero impressions alarm by Catalyst Canada. This Adwords script will alert you to when your adverts have got 0 impressions. You can then go into your account and investigate why this is the case and then make the appropriate changes to rectify the situation.

158) Check your ads are Pointing to the right domain by Daniel Gilbert. This Adwords script checks to ensure that your sds are pointing at the right URL. For example, making sure your ads go to Clicteq.com as opposed to Clicteq.co.uk.

159) Changes in CTR Alert by Sean Dolan. This Adwords script allows you to track changes in CTR using the Google Sheets API. This is a good tool for diagnostics as you can compare your data here to data in Google analytics so you can see if a difference in user behaviour may have triggered this.

160) Make Calls And Send Text Messages To Your Phone From AdWords Scripts by Russell Savage. This script takes alerting you to the next level. Sometimes you can’t read your emails for one reason or another, so Russell has created this fantastic script that can call you and send you text messages with alerts.

161) Finding Anomalies In Your Keywords, Adgroups, and Ads by Russell Savage. This Adwords script allows you to detect adverts, keywords, and ad groups that are not performing as well as others in that ad group or campaign.

162) Account Anomaly Detector by Adwords Scripts. Account Anomaly Detector alerts the advertiser whenever an AdWords account is suddenly behaving too differently from what’s historically observed. When an issue is encountered, the script will send the user an alerting email.


There you have it the most comprehensive list of Adwords Scripts online that you can simply copy and paste into your account and start reaping the benefits of custom automation.

If you have any questions about the scripts within this guide please don’t hesitate to ask below in the comments section.

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