11 Advanced Adwords PPC Blogs Every Marketer Needs To Read

Todays post features the 11 best advanced Adwords PPC Blogs for large spend marketers. There are hundreds of PPC blogs out there but I have picked the very best ones featuring data backed actionable posts that provide huge value. In no particular order here they are:

1) Wordstream PPC Blog

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The Wordstream PPC blog is one of the best resources for marketers running paid search campaigns. There is a huge range of content covering several different topics from beginner to advanced. The thing that i love most about the Wordstream blog is that they publish lots of Big data articles using data from the SAAS tool they have. Here are 3 of my favourite posts from Wordstream.

PPC Epiphany Blog

PPC epiphany is a very advanced PPC blog written by Martin Roettgerding. It covers a whole range of advanced topics designed for large spend advertisers. Here are three of my favourite posts.

  • Introducing the Quality Score Tracker v3.0.This is a very cool script that was written by Martin that allows you to track your Quality Score day by day. It records your average Quality Score and impression weighted Quality Score daily along with creating a dashboard within Google docs where you can see your historical Quality Score.
  • Taking Google Shopping to the Next Level. This is a brilliant presentation highlighting some very advanced strategies for taking your Google Shopping campaigns to the next level.
  • Keyword Quality Score Up Close.  This article by Martin examines keywords quality score and takes an in-depth look into the impact of each different factor within quality using data from the Adwords API.

Certified knowledge

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 17.33.03 The Certified Knowledge Ppc blog is written by Brad Geddes who is a PPC veteran having trained thousands of people and written several very successful books on PPC. Here are three of my favourite articles:


Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 17.35.43The Adalysis PPC Blog is another blog that is written by Brad Geddes that focuses entirely on split testing of adverts. There are also several big data articles that use the data from the Adalysis tool to show trends in PPC which can be useful when optimising accounts and choosing the right strategy.

Free Adwords Scripts PPC Blog

The Free Adwords Scripts PPC blog is probably the best Adwords Scripts resource online and has Adwords Scripts for just about everything. Here are three of my favourite posts / Scripts

6) Search Engine Journal


The Search Engine Journal PPC Blog is a fantastic resource for search marketers and is written by a number of PPC experts from around the world. They are know for their high quality advanced PPC Articles. Here are 3 of my favourite.

7) PPC Hero


The PPC Hero blog has some of the most detailed PPC Articles on the web and is written by Hannipin Marketing in the US. Amongst their many columnists my favourite is Sam Owen who now works over at Netflix. His incredibly detailed data backed articles are fantastic for people who are looking to take their PPC skills from intermediate to Advanced.

8) Search Engine Land


Search engine land is another fantastic resource for PPC Marketers where a lot of advanced data driven high quality articles are published. This is possibly my favourite PPC blog just due to the sheer quality of the information that is being published making it very difficult to choose my three favourite posts.

9) Search Engine Watch


Search Engine Watch is one of the top 3 Search marketing blogs and publishes some exceptional advanced PPC articles. Here are three of my favourite.


10) Brainlabs PPC Blog


The Brainlabs PPC blog is a fantastic resource for those that are looking to add automation to their Adwords account. As their founder Daniel Gilbert says “You can’t do Adwords unless you can code” and their blog is based around that. There are a number of free scripts that can be used to automate tasks within Adwords and achieve functionality that you would not normally be able to achieve with Adwords.

  • The 24 hour bidding schedule for AdWords. This is a brilliant script that you can use to change the bids every hour of the day and overcome the limitations of the Adwords interface that only allows you to change them six times per day. This is one that we use regally at Clicteq and suggest that you use too.
  • Label Your Keywords With Organic Rank Data If you have a strong organic presence then this script is very useful for seeing the organic position of the keyword that you are bidding on within the Adwords interface by importing it through the SEM rush API. Although we have published case studies to show that you will generate more profit overall by bidding on your organic terms even if you rank number 1 for them.
  • Decisions, Decisions – An Advanced A/B Testing Tool for your AdWords Accounts.  Testing is everything with Adwords, however Adwords does have its limitations. This script will let you overcome them and test virtually anything within Adwords with ease and includes statistical significance calculations built in.

11) Google Adwords developers PPC blog / Resource

In 2016 the key to success in Adwords is automation so I couldn’t leave out the Google Adwords developers blog / resource, partially the scripting section. There are several very powerful pre made scripts that advanced advertisers can start using right away. Here are three of my favourite.

  • Bid to position script. This script allows you to automatically change the bids within your Adwords account so that your ads appear in a certain pre defined position. Coupled with pivot tables you can utilise intraday hourly bidding to maximise your ROI.
  • Weather based bid management script. This is brilliant for improving your ROI if you work with a PPC account that is effected heavily by the weather such as those within the travel industry. It allows you to import weather data using an API and increase the bids or decrease them based on the weather conditions in a certain area.
  • Account anomaly tester script. If you are monitoring several PPC accounts the account anomaly tester can save you a huge amount of time when it comes to checking your Adwords accounts. If the script noticed that there is an anomaly with your data it will email you and alert you too it.
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