102 Adwords Tools To Supercharge Your PPC Campaigns


This is the largest collection of Adwords tools on the planet.

If your managing large scale Adwords accounts without the right tools, I’m sure you will agree with me that it can be overwhelming.

There are thousands of split tests to track.

There are tens of thousands of keywords that need bids optimising.
Sound familiar?

In this guide is going to give you every tool that you need to save time and manage your accounts more effectively so you will never feel overwhelmed again.

You can use the index below to find the most relevant tools reporting

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1) NinjaCat | Paid | $$  |

NinjaCat is a reporting software that is primarily built for PPC management agency use and boasts clients such as Hanapin Marketing and Disruptive Advertising. It allows you to create client report and monitor budgets. It is know for being very fast and highly customisable.


2) Swydo | Free & Paid | $ |

Swydo provides very easy Adwords and Analytics reporting allowing you to create reports for your clients. Swydo also comes with simple KPI indicators to quickly show you what is going well within your account and what is going not so well.


3) Measureful | Paid | $ |

Measureful is a reporting tool that allows you to draw reports from several different sources, such as analytics, Facebook and Twitter. This tool allows you to automate the creation of reports and delivery to clients. One useful feature is the smart reporting tool that allows you to identify trends and draw insight automatically.


4) Reportgarden | Paid | $ | Clicteq Preferred |Reportgarden is the tool that we use for most of our client reporting at Clicteq. It is incredibly versatile and can be adapted to show just about anything that we want. Its ability to be white labelled is also very useful when doing overflow work for other agencies.


5) ReportingNinja | Paid | $ | 

ReportNinja is another tool that allows you to create reports and dashboards. It also has features such as report scheduling so you can send you client a report weekly or daily deepening on their requirements and has a white label portal to create white label reports and dashboards.


6) Jimmydata | Paid | $ |

Jimmydata is trusted by over 6000 advertisers and allows you to create reports from Adwords, Bing and analytics data. The drag and drop report editor offered is very effective and allows you to create customised Adwords reports that show pretty much any data that you would like.


7) Supermetrics | Free & Paid | $ | 

This Adwords Tool is a library of templates that allows you to create several different reports within Google sheets. Some of their notable templates allows you to track client budgets, make year on year comparisons, split test adverts based on labels and high level monthly PPC reports.

screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-23-56-058) TapClicks | Free & Paid | $ – $$$ | 

This Adwords Tool has one of the best integration lists allowing you to pull data from over 150 different places including all of the major search engines, call tracking platforms and 3rd party analytics platforms. If you have a lot of different data sources then this solution might be ideal for you.


9) ReportDash| Paid | $ | 

Report dash allows for custom domain integration allows you to create your own client portal. Its key features include, multiple report export formats, scheduled reports, custom report templates and also custom dashboard templates.


10) Shape | Paid | $ | 

This Adwords Tool allows for much more than just reporting and encompasses other features such as budget pacing and budget linking. One of the key features of this software that sets it apart from other reporting solutions is the alert system that allows you to mange Adwords and Bing accounts all from one place.

11) Quantify | Free & Paid | $$ | 

Quantify is another Adwords tool that is aimed at the agency market. The solution offers integration with the major search engines, analytics platforms and call tracking providers allowing you to create very detailed reports for your clients looking at all of their PPC activity.

12) Raventools | Paid | $ | 

This Adwords tool brings the best keyword research and link building tools under one roof in an easy-to-user interface. The main selling points that Raven advertise are the gorgeous design of their reports and the fact that their easy report scheduling allows you to automate client reporting.



Call Tracking


13) Callrail | Paid | $ | 

This Adwords tools allows you to track calls using dynamic numbers for all your different traffic channels. A couple of key features are the conversation intelligence which can be used for lead scoring and interrogations with CRM systems such as Salesforce allowing you to track the full customer journey.


14) RepsonseTap | Paid | $ | Clicteq Preferred |

This is the Adwords tool of choice for our customers here at Clicteq. We like this tool due to the great customer service that response tap gives and the very competitive pricing which makes it a great solution for tracking calls with Adwords.


15) CallTrackingMetrics | Paid | $ |

This Adwords tool allows for call management as well as call tracking so would be an effective solution if you have a call centre. It also has a similar conversation analyser tool like Callrail and have a white label solution which makes it effective solution for agencies.


16) Marchex | Paid | $ – $$$ | 

This Adwords tool provides enterprise class call analytics and integrates with search platforms, CRM systems and most of the enterprise class bidding and analytics software such as Kehnsoo, Omniture, Marin Software and Acquisio.

17) Calltracks | Paid | $ |

This is a very affordable Adwords tool that integrates with most CRM systems, Adwords and analytics platforms. It used by several well renowned brands such as the RAC and Northgate and agencies such as Bluegrass and Periscopix.


18) Infinity | Paid | $ | 

This Adwords tool is available in over 50 countries. Infinity’s Hosted PBX system gives you phones on desks and reliability, flexibility, advanced reporting and dashboards. Infinity also integrate with several third party tools including salesforce through its Caller Insight App that sits within the Salesforce CRM interface.


19) MediaHawk | Paid | $ | 

This Adwords tool allows you to links sales directly to PPC, organic, social, mobile and offline marketing campaigns. From just £40 /month this is one of the most affordable solutions and is trusted by some of the worlds largest brands such as Porcshe and Worldpay.

20) Ruler | Paid | $ | 

This Adwords tool has a huge number of interrogations allowing you to share call tracking data with over 500 different platforms. This will allow you to automatically create or update a Salesforce Lead from a phone call including the marketing source and keyword without any development work.


21) AvidTrak | Paid | $ | 

This Adwords tool allows you to integrate with Adwors, analytics and Google Doubleclick. It allows you to generate call tracking reports and similar to call tracking metrics allows you to route calls to the most appropriate people  making it a good solution if you have a call centre.


22) Whatcoverts | Paid | $ | 

This Adwords tool is towards the cheaper end of the market with solutions form as little as $30 /month. It has all of the basic features that you would expect including call recording, integrations with Adwords and Analytics along with some pretty cool 3rd party / API integration to link with your CRM.



Keyword Research


23) Google AdWords Keyword Tool | Free | Clicteq Preferred |

This Adwords tool is the go to for finding new keyword opportunities at Clicteq. There are a lot of hidden features such as the “filter options” and “show only closely related” options that allow you to build massive lists of highly relevant keywords.


24) Keyword Machine | Free & Paid | $ | 

The Adwords tool allows you to combinate keywords using concatenation. It also has several other features such as keyword grouping to form highly relevant ad groups and an advert builder that integrates with the Google Adwords Editor.


25) Kombinator | Free | 

This Adwords tool allows you to combine three columns of keywords and create all of the different combination which you can then use as keywords within your Adwords account. This is ideal for commerce users as you can multiply different root keywords such as “dresses” with colours and sizes to get all of the possible combinations.


26) Ubersuggest | Free | Clicteq Preferred |

This is another Adwords tool that we regally use as an agency. It allows you to pull a list of all of the different keywords that Google suggest makes. For example you can pull a list of all of the suggestions for a keywords + the letter A.


27) Keyword Tool.io | Free & Paid | $ | Clicteq Preferred |

This Adwords tool works similarly to Ubersuggest and will help you find the keywords that people are typing into Google search box.  The free version of Keyword Tool generates up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term.


28) Longtail PRO | Free & Paid | $ | 

This Adwords tool will allow you to discover thousands of profitable, targeted keywords and calculate Keyword Competitiveness for almost any niche. As mentioned in the name the keyword tool focuses on finding longer tailed versions of the keywords.


29) Google Trends | Free |

This free Adwords tool allows you to see trends in the search volume of different keywords allowing you to evaluate their effectiveness. There is also a section that shows related terms where you will be able to find new keywords.


30) KWFinder | Paid| $ |

This Adwords tool allows you to generate long tail keywords related to your niche with high search volumes and low keyword difficulty. This tool will also show the exact search volumes even for keywords that are close variants of each other.


31) WordTracker | Free & Paid | $ | 

This Adwords tool allows you to find 1000s of long tail keywords for a certain territory. This tool pulls data from multiple sources such as Google, Youtube and Amazon to give you a very compressive list of keywords.


32) Market Samurai | Free & Paid | $ |

Market samurai is mainly focused at the SEO industry however like other tools such as the Ahrefs keyword planner and Moz’s keyword planner they can also be used effectively to find new PPC keywords.

33) Soovle | Free | 

This Adwords tool is very similar to Ubersuggest in may ways as it allows you to pull suggestions based on what Google. Bing, Yahoo, Youtube and Wikipedia think you will type next.


34) SearchMetrics | Paid | $$ | 

This Adwords tool delivers a precise comparison of ranking, traffic and conversion data for organic search and PPC performance. It gives you a complete, in-depth look at search engine marketing performance by comparing organic and PPC performance with the same keyword set and identifying hidden traffic and conversion potential


35) Keyword Snatcher | Paid | $ |

This Adwords tool allows you to find local keywords for just about any city in the world. You upload your keyword list and it will multiply these keywords with the names of cities in your selected country to provide you a comprehensive list.

36) Ahrefs Keyword Explorer | Free & Paid | $ | 

This Adwords tool is available as part of Ahrefs membership which a lot of SEOs will have. This tool however can also be used very effectively to find keywords for your Adwords campaigns and has ben recently updated.

37) Moz Keyword Tool | Free & Paid | $ | 

This Adwords tool is part of Moz Pro subscription that i know many of you will have if you also manage the SEO side of your marketing. This is mainly aimed at SEOs and has information about organic competitiveness but can also be effective used for PPC.



Competitor Research


38) Spyfu | Paid  | $ | 

This Adwords tool allows you to download your competitors’ most profitable keywords
and ads for paid and organic search. There are also lists of leads that can be purchased agency side of advertisers that spend over a certain amount per month on PPC.


38) AdBeat | Paid | $ | 

Ad beat is a competitive intelligence platform from display advertisers. It allows you to see your competitor’s marketing strategy, discover high-performing publishers & placements, and identify their best converting ad copy, landing pages, and sales funnels.


39) SEMrush | Paid | $ | Clicteq Preferred |

This Adwords tool is a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing, from SEO and PPC to social media and video advertising research. The data that SEM rush provides is second to none and its the gold standard when it comes to PPC competitive research.


40) Keyword Spy | Free & Paid | $ |

This Adwords tool allows you to Build a profitable list of keywords using your competitors’ keywords and by accessing a massive database of related and similar terms and phrases. The tool also allows you to pin point exactly the profitable keyword and ad-copy combinations of your competitors without the hassle.


41) iSpionage | Free & paid| $ | 

This Adwords tool allows you to find profitable keywords and also see how much your competitors are spending per month. It also has more advanced features that allow you to see the effectiveness of the keyword using their own proprietary algorithm and a feature that lets you see how your competitors group their keywords.


42) PPC Web Spy | Free| 

This Adwords tool allows you to Spy On & Uncover Anyones Google-Adword Keywords While You Browse Google In Real-Time! This works by downloading an app within your web browser (Firefox).

43) WhatRunsWhere | Paid | $ – $$ | 

This Adwords tool allows you to have the inside track on your competition’s strategies allowing you to effectively plan and buy advertising more efficiently. Get insights into their entire campaign strategies. Leverage this information to dramatically optimize and improve how you advertise online


44) The Search Monitor | Paid | $ – $$$ | 

This Adwords tool allows you to research competitors search data and their PLA data giving you a good overall view of your competitors PPC advertising. They also have Lighthouse that allows you to uncover metrics such as PPC spend by competitor or by vertical.


45) AdGooroo | Paid | $$ | 

This Adwords tool allows you to gain daily visibility into your top competitors’ paid search text Ad and product listing ad strategies for desktop/tablet and mobile, including spend, performance stats, keywords, ad copy and landing pages.



Bid Management


46) Marin Software | Paid | $$$ |

This is an easy to use online and desktop PPC management solution. This Adwords tool allows you to set bids based on a number of different events and also allows you to bid towards several different events such as viewing videos and submitting contact forms.


47) Kenshoo | Paid | $$$ |

Kenshoo is an enterprise level PPC bid management platform that also offers local solutions for smaller advertisers. It offers portfolio, model-based or rules-based bidding along with several other features such as advanced reporting and A/B testing.


48) Adobe Media Optimiser | Paid | $$$|

This Adwords tool It’s a programmatic ad-buying solution that helps you forecast the best mix of search, display and social ads based on your budget. It also automates the execution of your media plan and helps you find the best way to deliver relevant content to your high-value audiences.


49) Acquisio | Paid | $ – $$$ |

Acquisio is one of the big players in the bid management world. They have have features for managing Facebook paid social and display retargeting efforts. This Adwords tool will change bids automatically based on events that you define.


5o) DoubleClick Search | Paid | $$$ |

Double-click search is Googles advanced bd management solution that has a interface that looks very Google inspired. It is relatively expensive with a $10K setup fee and then a commission of 1-2.5% there are also other tools that Doubleclick search offers such as product level product creation automation.


51) Mediaplex | Paid | $$ |

This Adwords tool has an advanced ad serving platform with its own proprietary bidding tools built in. It also has a very advanced attribution tool built in that works well in conjunction with the bid management tool they offer.

52) adCore | Paid | $$ |

Adcore is a powerful Adwords tool that offers full PPC campaign automation and advanced rule based bidding. This tool can also sync your product inventory with Adwords and Ad centre for single domain users.


53) ClickSWEEPER | Free & Paid | $ – $$$ |

This Adwords tool offers 5 different types of Adwords bidding rules. analytics-based bidding, rank-based keyword bidding, conversion-driven bidding, keyword ROI-driven bidding and keyword bidding.


54) keywordMax | Paid | $$ |

This Adwords tool works using rule based bidding algorithms and can bid as many as 24 times per day. It has a white label option which makes it a favourable option for agencies.

55) Optimine | Paid | $ |

This Adwords tool promises to “Improve your paid search returns by 25% or more – guaranteed.” which is a pretty big call. It analyses data from keywords and trains up to 24 models with as many as 116 variables.

56) PPC Bidmax | Paid | $ – $$$ |

This Adwords tool provides automated bidding for Google Adwords and Google Ad centre. Their prices are flat monthly rates, between $48 and $799.20 for PPC BidMax 5.1, and $239.20 for PPC Ad Max 1.0.


57) Search Force | Paid | $$ |

Search force is know for its flexibility, its bidding tool allows you to quickly change your bidding rules for your account. Their built in campaign builder allows you to quickly create campings using an offline file with different variables.

58) WordWatch | Paid | $ |

This Adwords tool allows you to either bid towards traffic or conversion goals. The tool analyses keyword data and identify the best keyword and then optimises bid prices for increased results.

59) Wordstream | Paid | $ – $$ |

This Adwords tool give you recommendations for bids based on your goals week and on demand. PPC Advisor combines Keyword discovery, analysis, grouping and organization and prioritization.


60) Opteo | Free & Paid | $ |

Opteo automates Adwords account management with one-click improvements, detailed account monitoring and MCC-level alerts. Start spending more time on high-level strategy and creative work.



Campaign Management


61) Taguchi-based Ad Optimizer | Free & Paid | $ |

This Ad Optimization software allows you to simultaneously test up to 15 different aspects of any advertisment, website, or email campaign. This is known as multi-variable (or multivariate) testing.

62) AdWords Wrapper | Free |

AdWords Wrapper is the original, 100% FREE, online, time-saving keyword tool that wraps keywords in “quotation marks” (phrase match), [square brackets] (exact match), +Modified +Broad match, -“Negative Phrase” match, and -[Negative Exact] match for use in Google AdWords campaigns. No CAPTCHAs.


63) AdWords Editor | Free | Clicteq Preferred |

This Adwords tool allows you to edit campings at scale, create adverts based on an excel spreadsheet, find and replace and much more more. This absolutely essential for any serious Adwords user.


64) Optmyzr | Paid | $ – $$ | Clicteq Preferred |

This is one of my favourite Adwords tools and allows you to automate the creation of Google Shopping ads and change Adwords bids. There is also reporting monitoring and notification tools that allows you to optimise your campaign.


65) Adalysis | Paid | $ – $$ | Clicteq Preferred |

This is another of my favourite Adwords tools developed by Brad Geddes and his team. It allows you to split test adverts at scale and even schedule ad tests to run automatically once the last split test is complete.


66) SplitTester | Free |

One of the biggest mistakes that most advertisers make is that they don’t wait until they have statistical significance before ending there split tests. This tool allows you to enter your ad data and it will calculate if you have enough data to make the right call.


67) AdWords Performance Grader | Free |
Grade Your Google AdWords Performance. Find out where you stand in 1 minute, using your AdWords account. This tools allows you to  grade your Adwords account and benchmark your performance against other advertisers in your industry.screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-00-08-08

68) Adspike | Paid | $ |

This Adwords tool allows you to Benchmark your AdWords performance and see where you can improve, Review optimization strategies and launch algorithms to optimize PPC and Track 404 URLs, find duplicate keywords, set ads extensions, etc.

69) PPCcampaignbuilder | Paid | $ |

Generate paid search campaigns on Google and Bing in minutes with PPC Campaign Generator software. There are several other Adwords tools that allow you to do keyword research, keyword grouping and dynamic ad creation.


70) SpeedPPC | | Paid | $ |

This Adwords tool allow you to scale up your Adwords campaigns effortlessly and save you time. This traffic will help you improve your Quality Score, increase your traffic and improve your conversion rates.


71) Adwords Campaign Generator v1.1 | Free |

This is a an easy to use Adwords campaign builder tool that allows you to multiply keywords together, group them and then create up to 6 different ad copies for them.


72) Tatvic AdWords Excel Plug-in | Free & Paid | $ |

Tatvic AdWords Excel Plug-in helps you analyze Google AdWords campaigns in Excel. There are several different features such as select up to 3 dimensions, 10 metrics, 5 filters, and one advanced segment for each query. It’s built-in report templates help you extract important business insights.


Landing Page


73) Visual Website Optimizer | Paid | $ | 

This Adwords tool is the easiest A/B, Split and Multivariate testing tool (self declared). As you will know landing pages are fundamental for PPC success and this tool will allow you to effectively split test new pages to increase conversion rates and improve Adwords ROI.


74) Wishpond | Paid | $ – $$$ | 

This Adwords tool allows you to build and test responsive landing pages to run your PPC traffic too without the need for any coding. There areas also features such as popups and marketing automating that this software offers making this a very attractive to PPC marketers.


75) PageWiz  | Paid | $ | 

This Adwords tool allows PPC advertiser to create high converting landing pages without any coding.  There are a large number of templates which you can choose from to quickly build landing pages and a built in split testing tool to maximise conversion rates.


76) Unbounce | Paid | $ |

This Adwords tool allows you to Quickly build custom landing pages for any campaign, and use overlays to increase conversions on all your web pages. It is designed to match your branding and is easy to use. You can Add, remove or customize your page elements with just a few clicks. Anyone can use it… no coding skills required!


77) LeadPages | Paid | $ | Clicteq preferred | 

This Adwords tool generates leads and sales for your business on the web, in emails, via text messaging, and on social media. Meet the powerful tools that make it possible. With some effective features such as lead capture pops and one click sign up links that maximise conversion rate this is a very effective landing page tool.


78) Instapage | Paid | $ | 

This Adwords tools not only allows you to create landing pages without coding but also provides seamless integration with CRM, email marketing, social, and optimization tools with no programming required. The build in A/B testing tool lets you track visitor behavior, compare conversion rates, and pick the best-performing landing page.


79) Landing | Paid | $ | 

This Adwords tool allows you to create landing pages for your PPC campaigns with ease. The visual drag and drop editor will help you create converting landing pages without any coding or IT support.


80) Lander | Free & Paid | $ – $$ | 

Lander is a very easy to use landing page software with a built in split testing function. Lander is extremely user friendly with excellent support and fantastic squeeze page designs.


81) Optimizely | Free & Paid | $ – $$ |

This tool is very similar to VWO allowing you to create split and multivariate tests. With Optimizely, you can now experiment broadly across the entire customer experience, on any channel, any device, and any application.


82) Optimizepress | Paid | $ – $$ | Clicteq preferred |

Optimizrepress integrates into the WordPress CMS system to allow you to quickly create highly customised landing pages. We really love this tool for the level of customisation available which allows you to create just about any landing page imaginable without any coding.


83) Hubspot | Free & Paid | $ – $$ | 

This Adwords tool allows you to create search-friendly blog posts, build landing pages without IT, trigger automated email campaigns and workflows, and personalize every experience with dynamic content that changes with a customer’s context.



Google Shopping


84) ProductsUp | Paid | $ – $$ | 

This Adwords tool allows you to effectively create and manage your Adwords Shopping feed. All restrictions and specifications have been integrated into the platform for you so that you can prepare the perfect feed from the start. It also overcomes the imitation of Adwords and allows you to sync your product feed multiple times per day.

85) Feedonomics | Paid | $ – $$ | Clicteq preferred | 

It can be difficult to optimize hundreds or even thousands of products. Now you can make bulk changes to any aspect of your product feed using this Adwords tool. It has powerful automation features such as analysing which product titles don’t contain brand, size, or colour and checking for broken links.

86) Datafeedwatch | Paid | $ – $$ |

This Adwords tool is know for its intuitive data feed. It is used by some of the worlds biggest brands and allows you to manage products across different shops, brands and countries. They also have a agency option that allows you to manage the feeds of all your customers in 1 account.

87) Feedoptimise  | Paid | $ – $$ |

This Adwords tool will make sure to describe your products and include as much informations as possible inside the data feed to improve your rankings and to help Google Shopping users to find your products among other results.

88) Feeditor | Paid | $$ – $$$ | 

This Adwords tool allows you to programatically edit your Google product feed using scripts. You can make changes in real time to your product feed, submit it to over 100 product engines automatically and bid based on profitability goals using their bidding algorithm.

89) ChannelPilot | Paid | $ – $$ | 

This data feed tool allows you to optimise your data feed and distributor it to Adwords and over 1600 price comparison websites, 112 marketplaces like eBay and Amazon and can integrate with over 100 3rd party tools including ones for bidding and Adwords management such as Marin software.

90) Camato | Paid | $$ – $$$ | Clicteq preferred |

Camato is a brilliant tool for automatically creating product listing ad groups at scale and managing bids or Google Shopping ads on large inventory accounts. It is used by some of the leading brads such as Asos and Harrods.

91) Whoopapp | Paid | $ – $$ |

This Adwords tool allows advertisers to optimise their Google Shopping ad bids using a predictive bidding algorithm. It has built in ad creation tools that allow you to quickly build out Google Shopping ad groups automatically.

92) Feedeo | Paid | $ – $$ | 

This Adwords tool is very similar to channel pilot. It allows you to automatically sync you data feed to Adwords and hundreds of other marketplaces. This tool ensures that all of your products are kept up to date across all of your sales channels.

93) Wordwatch | Paid | $ – $$ | 

This Adwords tool allows you to sync your data feed to over 500 different shopping engines. It also has integrated Google Shopping bidding to manage your bids, bringing you more clicks or conversions at a lower price.


Analytics & Attribution


94) Google Analytics | Free |

Google Analytics is Google’s free analytics tools that allow you to track visitor metrics and integrate with Adwords. It can also be used as a gateway to allow you to link 3rd party call tracking and analytics software with Adwords.

95) Adometry | Paid | $$ – $$$ |

This is Googles attribution solution that allows you to  uncover insights, make a true impact on the customer journey, and improve ROI. This Adwords tool allows you to create a highly accurate model of a marketer’s full efforts so you can accurately determine the ROI of your PPC marketing.


96) Google 360 Analytics | Paid | $$ – $$$ |

The Google Analytics 360 Suite gathers data from across the many touchpoints of today’s complex customer journey. It then uses deep insights to help your enterprise measure and improve the impact of your marketing.


97) Kissmetrics |Paid | $$ – $$$ |

KISSmetrics claims it is a customer web analytics tool that will help you in customer acquisition as well as customer retention by giving you information on user engagement and habits before and after, they buy from your website. It allows you to split test different layouts and funnels, giving you enough information to tweak and optimize your landing pages for maximum profits.


98) Coremetrics (IMB Customer Analytics) | Paid | $$$ | 

Core metrics now forms part of IBMs customer and web intelligence platform. This Adwords tool is suited to ecommerce users because it provides  comprehensive data on abandoned cart value, purchased products and other statistics.



99) Crazy Egg | Paid | $ |

Crazy Egg’s heat map and scroll map reports you can get an understanding of how your visitors engage with your website so you can boost your ROI. You can use this Adwords tool to improve your conversion rate and see how your PPC visitors interact with your landing pages.


100) Webtrends | Paid | $$$ |

Webtrends comes with several different solutions depending on your needs and requirements. It gives a plethora of in depth advanced information such as their likes and dislikes, their geographical location with which you can optimise your Adwords campings.


101) Adobe Web Analytics | Paid | $$$

This Adwords tool allows you to apply real-time analytics and detailed segmentation across all of your marketing channels. Use it to discover high-value audiences and power customer intelligence for your business.


102) Jumpshot Analytics | Paid | $$ |

This Adwords tool provides big data and advanced marketing analytics platform allows you to analyze any website’s traffic, customer behaviour, & conversion data.


For a comprehensive report on analytics and attribution tools to track your Adwords performance click here.


Have we missed any tools? Post your favourites in the comment section below!

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