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Our Difference.

We reverse engineered, starting from the client. Then we built the agency of the future, built on technology, run by experts.

Tech Replaces Humans

We believe software can do most PPC management tasks faster and more accurately than humans (and also run when humans are asleep) – so we use over 120 bespoke programmes that automate everything from bidding to reporting, running 24 hours per day; freeing up our time to work on more important tasks like strategy.

Emerging Tech

Using the latest technology, we help clients in industries that require fast changes to maximise performance: from changing bids based on the weather, to inserting stock market quotes into ads and buying traffic based on call centre availability in real time. Need something we don’t have? We’ll build it.

Client Fusion Process

We get that understanding your business and industry is fundamental to success. So we built the industry’s most extensive on-boarding process: we sit in your office, we get to know your business and pair you with an account manager who knows your industry as well as you do. Stay constantly connected by phone, text, or email, and get a response within 90 minutes, guaranteed.*

Consultative Approach

Steve Jobs said, “we don’t hire smart people and tell them what to do, we hire smart people to let them tell us what to do”. That is exactly what Clicteq does with our consulting lead approach: your agency should be better at PPC than you; we should educate you, stretch you, and encourage you to take risks.

Our Clients

Insider Tips from a PPC Agency

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