Independent PPC Audit

If you are not hitting your performance targets with Google Adwords, or if your have more specific challenges like reducing your cost per conversion or wanting to scale your account, but are unclear on how to achieve your goals, PPC audits can help guide you through the next steps.

PPC audits provide specific advice tailored to your goals. and help highlight wasted spend and other optimizations that may have been overlooked.

The vast majority of accounts that we have consulted on could dramatically increase their return on investment immediately by implementing our changes.

Our PPC auditing service starts from £1500 and are suitable for accounts spending over £5000 per month on Adwords.

Independent PPC audits

We offer full account PPC audits where we will give you extensive feedback on your account. These are bespoke to your individual campaigns and requirements and involve the following:

We will consult with you initially to discuss your current challenges and goals for the future. We will then use this information when auditing your account so we can give you specific feedback in order to reach your goals. For example if you want to increase your conversion rate, when we audit your account we will give you specific advice to implement which will increase your conversion rate.

We will then perform the account audit, this will vary in length depending on the complexity of the account and the number of campaigns which you have. This part of the process usually takes between one to two weeks. We will highlight areas for improvement, for example:

  • Account structure
  • campaign settings
  • Time of the day and hour of the week analysis
  • Location analysis
  • device based bidding analysis
  • conversion tracking analysis
  • attribution model analysis
  • Adwords scripting analysis
  • Adwords API analysis
  • Adwords CRM integration analysis
  • Adwords bidding model analysis and 3rd part bidding model analysis
  • Keyword selection
  • Keyword match types
  • Search query analysis
  • n-gram analysis
  • advertising copy analysis
  • “the perfect advert” analysis
  • advert extensions
  • seller rating extensions
  • Quality Score distribution
  • 80 / 20 Quality Score distribution
  • remarketing analysis
  • Shopping ads campaing structure
  • Shopping ads feed optimisation
  • Shopping ads scripting analysis
  • and much much more!

Finally we will consult with you again to talk you through your ppc audit e. At this point you can ask any questions which you might have and we will ensure that you have all the required knowledge to implement the changes and get the most out of your audit.

To inquire about our PPC audits please contact us 

Free mini PPC audit

We offer a free auditing services where we will perform an audit of one campaign in your Adwords account. This is a great way to trial out auditing service, implement the free advice and see the results, without making any commitment.

  • We will create a prioritized list of actionable changes to make to your campaigns.
  • We will evaluate all aspects of your campaign on several different criteria.
  • Your account audit will be tailored to your specific goals.
  • We will advise the changes which will make the biggest changes to your account.
  • We will identify wasted spend and tell you how to minimize it.
  • We will call you to discuss your audit and answer any questions you may have.

To book a free mini audit please contact us

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