Paid Social

Clicteq’s 6 Core Principles

All of our services are underpinned by Clicteq’s 6 core principles that set us apart from all the other “me too” agencies. You can read about our principles here.


Data drives everything at Clicteq, we couldn’t imagine anything better than analyzing a large set of data to identify actionable points for improvement, that drive actual results on which our clients can build remarkable businesses.

We build social campaigns that solve deep business problems, tracked carefully against business metrics. Our repeatable approach to analyzing data and testing new creatives and audiences has allowed us to consistently outperform any other agencies that we have come up against.

Specific Demographic Targeting

Social media platforms allow for incredibly specific targeting with the vast amount of data they have on their users. You can target people who work for large companies, are the CEO and have an interest in tax avoidance if you were advertising large yachts for example.

The ability to target so specifically, layer your own data on top and test different audience specific messages is an incredibly powerful way to drive targeted traffic to your website and build your business

Platform & Advert Formats

Clicteq helps you build your business by placing ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. We’re comfortable working with the full range of ad formats and cover the following areas.

  • Detailed reporting
  • Ad creation and testing
  • Targeting and audience segmentation
  • Conversion tracking
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Social remarketing