Google Adwords Management Service

At Clicteq we are a commercially minded Adwords management agency that combines data, tech and creativity to provide significant increases in profitability from Adwords campaigns.

Our methodology is based upon rigorous testing and research. Everyone has the same best practices but to find out exactly what will work best in your industry for your brand requires hard work and relentless testing.

Research is also fundamental to our success, we have spent a significant amount of time analysing our own and 3rd party data so we are able to see exactly action what improves Quality Score so we can provide consistent results.

Here is what makes our Adwords management service different.

1) We use tech to overcome Adwords pitfalls.

Sometimes business conditions change due to external factors outside of Adwords, but there are not options within Adwords to reflect this.

For example if you are in the travel, automotive or home improvement industry where sales are very weather dependent.

Here we allow you to overcome Adwords pitfalls and use the Adwords API to allow you to change your bids based on weather data so that you can buy more leads when the weather is warm and they are more likely to close and less leads when the weather is cold and they are less likely to close.

We also build custom solutions to your needs that improve the profitability of your business not just your Adwords account. You can read more here about how we helped Academy Class with custom automation.

2) We Integrate your Adwords account with your CRM to improve lead quality.

By linking your CRM system with your Adwords account we can map the full customer journey and see which keywords generate leads that convert into closed deals.

This allows us to purchase more of the types of leads that will convert. This reduces your cost per lead and means your sales people waste less time on unqualified leads.

3) We have our own bid management solution

Our intra day positional based bid management system changes bids 24 times per day to ensure that your adverts appear in the most profitable position and budget is distributed to the most profitable times of day, days of the week, devices and locations.

Our solution aggregates data to ensure that your long tail coverage is effectively optimised for ROI.

4) We don’t follow best practices, we write them.

Clicteq runs a popular Adwords management blog that is read by the marketing staff at some of the biggest household names within the UK, such as Bet365, Boots, Debenhams and Hotel Chocolat.

We have also been featured in some of the leading search publications such as Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch and Econsultancy,

 Our Awords management services

  • Adwords audits and management
  • Our propriety Adwords management software ClicRank
  • Google Shopping campaigns
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Landing page and conversion optimisation
  • Attribution modeling
  • Search inventory management and automated out of stock product pausing
  • Call tracking & offline call tracking
  • Adwords scripting solutions

Adwords management service

Adwords management is an ongoing process to maximize the return on investment of your paid search campaigns.

Daily monitoring is essential to ensure your campaigns are on target. we work continually to find new ways to improve your PPC campaign to improve your return on investment.

We rigorously split test new advert copies, expand your keyword list and improve your landing pages to improve profitability.

Communication is fundamental with any agency relationship. We reply to client emails within the hour on average (during business hours) and provide in-depth weekly reports tailored to your requirements.

You will have weekly or monthly meetings with your dedicated account manager to ensure that you are aware of the changes that are being made to your account.

Finally you will always retain full access to your Adwords account, we are fully transparent and accountable.

For a full overview of our Adwords management services and for out 2017 pricing please download our brochure or Click here to contact us

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