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Are you a charity looking to partner with a reputable PPC management provider? The Google Grants program provides a fantastic opportunity for charities to advertise on Google, but on the flip side has results in a lot of competition in these markets making a well managed charity ppc campaign fundamental.

Why Choose Clicteq as your charity PPC partner

The chances are if you are looking for a PPC provider on Google, they all look just about the same right? They all say just about the same things about PPC and the Google Grant, maybe they even have a nice shiny Google Partners badge (we do too!).

But at the end of the day, what is really going to make a difference and help generate more donations for your cause is having the best PPC provider that cuts through the noise. Here is how we are different:

  • We can spend your budget most effectively. We have custom in house bid management software that bids hourly ensuring that your $10,000 Google Grant is spent in the most effective way to generate the maximum value of donations.
  • We can place you in the highest possible position for your $2.00 maximum bid. After analysing tens of millions of pounds in Google ad spend we have been able to dissect the Google Quality Score algorithm allowing us to determine the exact steps that we need to take to generate high Quality Scores of 7 – 10 consistently. This is important as Quality Score is directly proportional to ad position. So the higher the Quality Score the higher the ad position on the page and the more traffic and donations that you generate.
  • We provide complimentary analytics and conversion consulting allowing you to convert more of the traffic that comes from PPC into donations that will help your cause.

Charity PPC & Google Grants

Google provides charities something called a Google grant which is basically free advertising. Charities have access to the equivalent of $10,000 per month to spend on PPC advertising allowing them feature on the first page of Google for free.

There is a $2.00 maximum CPC bid that means that it will be difficult for you to feature at the very top of the search results and you are more likely to feature in the bottom set of Adverts. Because of this an agency with experience in increasing quality score so that your adverts with a $2.00 bid will appear further up the page and can compete with advertisers spending much more.

The ad grant will help you raise awareness for your charity along with connecting with more donors and volunteers.

PPC marketing is a fast and cost effective way for charities to reach their audience and has become a major focus for charities as part of their digital marketing.

If you would like to arrange a call or meeting to discuss charity PPC with clicteq and claim your free PPC review please call us on 0800 907 8275 or fill out the contact form here.

*We offer charities 20% off our usual PPC management fees

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