Sigma Tax Pro

Who is SigmaTaxPro?

SigmaTaxPro provides industry-leading tax preparation software to tax preparers across the United States of America. Along with organic search, paid search has played an important role in their growth over the last few years.





Sigmataxpro set us ambitious leads targets and were looking for a large reduction in their cost per lead during the busy tax season. Their two main objectives were as follows:

  • Reduce cost per lead
  • Maintain as much lead volume as possible as the tax seasons ended


After auditing the account we identified two key areas for improvement, firstly ad relevance and secondly ad copy. We saw that most of their ad groups have 4-5 keywords in which is far from optimal so we took all of the keywords within their account and placed them within their own single keyword ad group enabling us to write highly specific adverts for each keyword.

Secondly, we identified that there had been very little advert copy testing, so we implemented our advert testing software in to their account to keep track of the thousands of different ad copies and ensured that there was at least 2 different ad copies in each ad group. We then applied our proprietary ad copy testing methodology to the account and saw significant increases in CTR and conversion rate.

Integrating CRM data with Adwords 

Academy Class had a clear data gap where they were unable to see which leads converting into customers booking a class with them. To determine this we helped them integrate their Adwords account with Salesforce so we were able to track the full customer journey from click to class booked.

This allowed us to identify the exact keywords that were driving bookings and the exact amount of revenue that they were generating. Based on this data we were able to increase bids on these keywords to generate more revenue for the client and maximize profit.

Competitor targeting

There are several dominant players within the tax preparation software market which presented SigmaTaxPro with the ability to target their customers. We used Gmail Sponsored promotions to target users who were getting emails from SigmaTaxPro’s competitors allowing them to effectively steal business from their competition.


  • Decrease in cost per lead of 55.1%

What the client had to say

“I have personally been in the PPC arena for over 15 years and managed our company account for over 4 years. We decided to look for a solid PPC management firm and were immediately impressed by Clicteq. In a short period of time we have seen great results, cost per click and conversion have decreased and we continue to be impressed by our monthly performance indicators. Clicteq are professional, courteous and results driven, what more could you ask for.”

Grant Hemingway, Head of Operations at SigmaTaxPro