[Adwords Script] Performance by Position Report

Bidding by position can be an effective way to improve your Adwords performance, as certain positions perform better than others. Usually, to work out your optimal position you would have to export a keyword report, segment it by day and then create a pivot table. Instead, you can now drop the script below into your[…]

[Adwords Script] Ad Template Report Script

It’s no secret that ad testing is one of the key pillars to success within Adwords. The advertisers that are winning in 2018 are not the ones that are the most creative, it is the ones that micro split test every aspect of their advert and continually improve. To help advertisers create better ads we[…]

Automation Killed The PPC Star

Delloitte has predicted that 35% of current jobs are likely to be automated in the near future with professional services being highlighted as an area with a high chance of automation. So what does that mean for PPC managers? With automation using Adwords Scripts and the API becoming more accessible and more sophisticated, it is[…]