Automotive PPC

Are you a car dealer, manufacturer or car finance company that is looking to partner with a reputable automotive PPC management provider?

We work with automotive advertisers using paid search advertising to provide bespoke solutions that combine Adwords data and business data to generate the maximum amount of profit for your business.

Why Choose Clicteq as your automotive PPC partner

Most automotive PPC management agencies do the basics of PPC well and this is all that is really needed for smaller accounts, however for larger spend accounts custom automation and bidding platforms are what is required to take your campaigns to the next level and this is where we come in. Here is what sets us apart from the competition:

  • We generate more of the types of leads that convert into sales. By integrating your Adwords account with your CRM and call centre data in real time we can map out exactly which leads and test drive bookings generate actual car sales and their value. Using this data in conjunction with bid management software we can optimise your Adwords accounts to generate the maximum amount of profit.
  • We reduce wasted spend and maximise enquires using custom bidding platforms. Our custom in house biding platforms allow you to make bid changes 24 times per day ensuring that your budget is spent in the most efficient way to generate maximum profit. Furthermore if you are using a call centre we can automatically increase bids to generate more leads when there are several sales representatives to ensure that they are utilised effectively and reduce bids at times where there will be fewer sales representatives available to ensure that ad spend is not wasted on leads that will not be called.
  • We have analysed tens of millions of pounds with of Adwords data to determine our proprietary methodology. Most agencies know the best practices, but to take your account to the next level you need to be able to effectively dismantle Googles algorithms so you can determine exactly what factors influence key metrics such as Quality Score. By analysing this much data we are able to determine the exact factors that influence Quality Score and the weighting of each on to constantly achieve high Quality Scores and help clients see their cost per lead drop by as much as 37.5%.
  • We know that the weather effect car sales so we built weather based bidding into our bidding platform.This allows us to increase bids when the weather is warm and people are likely to walk around garage forecourts to look at cars  and decrease bids when the weather is poor and people are less likely to go and look at cars on a garage forecourt.

Plus we offer all of the standard boring stuff that all other agencies provide, dynamic inventory based ads, conversion tracking, competitive research, keyword research, ad copy creation, ad extensions, remarking, landing pages, custom reporting and the list goes on..

If you would like to arrange a call or meeting to discuss automotive PPC with clicteq and claim your free PPC review please call us on 0800 907 8275 or fill out the contact form here.

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