About Us


Hi, We’re Clicteq, we’re your bridge to generating more profit from your paid search campaigns.

Have you ever asked yourself…

  • ”How can I generate more leads from paid search?”
  • ”How can I sell more products using paid search?”
  • ”How can I cut my cost per conversion?”
  • ”How çan I generate more profit?”

Then you’re in the right place.

Were experts at paid search and have a fantastic track record of generating more profit for our clients.

You can dig through countless articles and blogs and waste a tonne of time and money trying to figure out Adwords for yourself, or you can get your free Adwords audit and we will show you exactly why your not getting the results you want with paid search.

And here is the best part. we’re going to be giving you specific advice for your account, were going to show you how to fix everything from your account structure to your ad extensions. We’ll give you detailed advice so you can make the changes yourself and start seeing the results you want sooner.

And maybe, just maybe you might come back for more.

Our founders story

picture of meJust over 6 years ago I started my first business selling iPhone cases online, one of the biggest problems that I had at that time was getting a high volume of high converting traffic to my website.

The first thing I did was go to an digital marketing agency for help, in fact in the end I ended up working with 3 different agencies on my paid search before I finally gave up on them and started working on it myself.

The biggest problem that I found with these agencies was that even though they claimed to be profit focused, many of them were not, some were increasing my spend just to generate a higher monthly fee and others did not even ask what my targets were or my profit margins.

After learning to mange my account myself from reading guides and testing over a period of over two years I learned the key pillars to creating a profitable paid search campaign. After selling my first company in 2013 I then founded Clicteq which is a profit lead paid search agency where I help companies that spend tens out thousands of pounds per month on paid search generate more profit from their campaigns.

Our Values

  • We focus on generating our clients profit. In the paid search industry the average cost per click on Adwords is around £25 making the average cost per new client run into several hundred pounds. The reason I am telling you this is that If we don’t make our clients more profit and don’t retain them for several months were set to loose money, so this is our number one priority
  • We don’t try to win awards. It baffles us why some companies get bamboozled by awards. In our eyes the most important factor is our clients success so we dedicate 100% of our time to generating our clients more profit. In our eyes the ultimate award is a satisfied customer who is generating considerably more profit from paid search than they were when they started working with us.
  • We don’t do outbound sales. We generate almost all of our business from client referrals. We believe that our clients are our best sales people. In fact many of them offer to speak to our prospects.
  • We’re honest and transparent. If we don’t think that we are a good fit to work together or that your goals are unrealistic we will tell you. We operate a full transparency approach where our work is auditable at any time and you will always retain access to your accounts and reports.

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  • Leadprops – Clicteq is strategically partnered with Leadprops to deliver mortgage marketing in the US market.